Robin Rådenman /

Consultant creator of image and sound.

With a multi-disciplinary background in photography, sound design, interactive media and advertising I focus on creating unique and qualitative content for a wide spectrum of environments, processes and outputs.

“It matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what concepts we think to think other concepts with. It matters wherehow ouroboros swallows its tail, again” – taken from Donna Haraway´s foreword to `The carrier bag theory of fiction´ written by Ursula K. Le Guin (Ignota Books 2019)

A list of clients & collaborators/

Acne Studios / Jil Sander / Très Bien / Celyn Gel / Rave Review / Sun Buddies x Our Legacy Workshop / Weekday / Mantle / Scania / Wasa / Toga / Norstedts Förlag / Aarke / Erik Thörnqvist / Anders Edström / Mattias Eklund / Monika Januleviciute / El Perro del Mar / Henzel Studio / Inverses / Tom of Finland Foundation / Filippa K / Amaze / CultureEdit / Head Skis / Jenny Källman / Another Magazine / Oli XL / Loh / Isa Andersson & Johan Krantz / 


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instagram: __rmnn


Based in Malmö, Sweden

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